Welcome . . .

So, I have been writing as long as I can remember; but I never shared most of it with anyone – UNLESS – I was arguing with you, or was writing you a love letter, a goodbye letter, a letter to explain myself, or journaling to work through things.

After recently making a commitment to myself to write a book I sat down and pushed through writing 200 pages in a month. And then I stalled. . . sometimes writing is painful, so I took a break.

I was lucky enough to sign up spontaneously to go to a writer’s retreat where I met some really nice women who are great writers who graciously welcomed me to the fold. Since that time I have been try to participate in some flash writings and did my first “reading” at a bookstore – that was absolutely terrifying – but I hope to do it again – practice makes perfect.

So, I hope you enjoy what I write. I tend to use humor to work through things. As you will notice I write a lot about my family. Some of it is completely fictional; but most of it is based at least in part on truth.

I am going to TRY not to be super political on this blog, but just in case you wonder where I stand – I am a super left leaning democrat and I hate trump with a passion. The state of our country causes me daily stress and I most of my friends probably no longer follow me on Facebook due to my daily (many) posts. My feed rarely has photos or kittens or things like that – it’s usually inspirational quotes, silly thoughts and angry political posts.  Hoping to keep this blog just focused on creative writing.

Please click through to my posts; and I’d love if you would follow my blog!!