She lay on their unmade bed every day after work and for many hours on the weekends. On her right lay a brown plastic tray with a mug of coffee, usually cold, and a pear shaped ashtray full of butts. The yellow rotary phone sat on the nightstand to her left, easily accessible since she … Continue reading CRAFT – REVISITED

It Was Good Until It Wasn’t

Participated in a writing lab/class type of thing this week. The first day we wrote non-fiction so I wrote about the first time I met someone. We shared the gist of our stories and then our teacher/coach/tormentor person, Bronwyn pickout out a theme. For me it was "It was good until it wasn't." The next … Continue reading It Was Good Until It Wasn’t

The Milkman’s Tale – maybe just one little political post . . .

I have been thinking a lot about the similarities with the story The Handmaid’s Tale (brilliantly written by Margaret Atwood) and the MAGA (Make America Gilead Already) phenomena going on in the country right now. It shocks me (but it doesn’t) how married men are to their privilege, even the “enlightened” and/or feminist men. But … Continue reading The Milkman’s Tale – maybe just one little political post . . .