The Abandoned Chore

As the landlord for the various housing tracts in the popular suburb of “La Garage,” I rent space to many people and families. The suburb is large and broken down into a variety of neighborhoods, each one significantly different than the others. In one of the older subdivisions, “Bookshelves by the Back”, The Happy Hollisters, … Continue reading The Abandoned Chore

Empty Vessel

After endless hours pouring over profiles, ten guys made the final cut. Two of them were Jewish, just to make my parents happy but they weren’t great prospects in my opinion. Seven were some variation of Catholic and one was a mutt; half Jewish on his Dad’s side and Christian on his mother’s (in other … Continue reading Empty Vessel

The Milkman’s Tale – maybe just one little political post . . .

I have been thinking a lot about the similarities with the story The Handmaid’s Tale (brilliantly written by Margaret Atwood) and the MAGA (Make America Gilead Already) phenomena going on in the country right now. It shocks me (but it doesn’t) how married men are to their privilege, even the “enlightened” and/or feminist men. But … Continue reading The Milkman’s Tale – maybe just one little political post . . .